New System Build, Need Some Advice


I am trying to build a new system. The last one I had was 5 years old.
I am looking into the following spec.

Core i5-750
Asus P7H55D-M EVO
4GB DDR3 - 1600RAM
Radeon Sapphire HD5770 1GB DDR5 Display
1 TB Hardrive
24x DVD RW
CoolerMaster ATX Case
Cooler Master PS

Mainly I use this system for game playing ( Battlefield, Napoleon), watching DVD, HDTV, Web browsing, and normal office applications ( Word and Excel ). I would like to setup with two monitors with one of them being a 46" HDTV or LCDTV. I dont have much graphic works to do as I am not a design person.

My questions are the following:
Does the Core i5 supports 1600RAM Speed? I do not want to spend that extra money on the 1600 if it does not have any positive effect on it.

I choose the P7H55D-M EVO is because it supports RAM speed 1600, or should I go a step down with the P7H55D-M or Pro MB, any other suggestions ?

Any suggestion on the Brand for the 4GB ? 2 x 2GB?,

For the graphic card, I am debating whther the Sapphire HD5770 and Sapphire HD5850. I know the HD5850 is a bit overkill as I dont require to do much graphic work. However, I am worry if I am watching it on the 46" TV the HD 5770 will degrade the preformance. Is the HD5770 good enough ? or there is something between the 5770 and the 5850 that I can consider also?

When purchasing the hardrive, 1TB any suggestion ? brand, speed, things that need to pay attention to... Same for the DVD RW Rom.

Power Supply and Case, Coolmaster ok ? and for the case, I want to get something looks good. ( Looks Matter :-) ) Any recommendation ? Any Good White Color Case ?

I plan to use this system for another 3-5 years.

P.S. I will be running Windows 7 Pro


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  1. WELL boss

    u can go normal 1333mhz OCZ ddr3 for ram's why spend too much

    Theoretically, it means the Core i5-750 has a third less RAM bandwidth than Intel's more expensive CPUs, but using two channels also cuts costs significantly when manufacturing or building a system, as you only need two or four sticks of RAM (instead of three or six) to take advantage of the technology. And while it's hard to determine exactly how much difference an extra channel of memory makes, all else being equal, we suspect only very high-end users and extreme test mavens will notice any difference. Again, if it helps bring prices of Core i5 systems down to mainstream levels, we think that's more than a fair trade, especially since this chip ups the maximum memory speed to 1333MHz, even when all four RAM slots are populated.

    and well yes 5770hd would b fair enough to run this type of system
  2. Read the article on bottlenecking on LGA1156 boards. Then, if you need the performance for professional applications (you didn't list any), go LGA1366 instead, otherwise consider an AMD build with socket AM3.
    Every Coolermaster case I ever bought had minor quality issues, even my RC-690 (an otherwise great case). None were serious (except tool-free drive mounting is NOT good enough for shipping, causing destruction of a drive that shook loose), but I got tired of it and will probably avoid them in the future.
    Older Coolermaster PSUs (e.g. any with a little voltage switch) were mediocre at best, although some newer ones are better. Antec, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, and Enermax are consistently high-quality units. Choose one that has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and 80+ certification.
  3. RAM support is based on MOBO ability to support it, not a CPU's ability to support it. In this case DDR3 1600 is fine. You'll just have to set the speed to that in the BIOS.

    Best right now would be the G Skill Ripjaw DDR3 1600 7-8-7-24 kits for $114.99

    How well a computer displays on a monitor depends on the resolution, not the size of the screen. For example, those giant 50ft screens in Time Square are actually only 1024x768 resolution and can display those ads and videos using an integrated graphics card. A cheap widescreen monitor is 1440 x900 these days, and most monitors are 1920 x 1080, requiring many times more computing power than those 50ft screens.

    HD wise, Samsung Spinpoint F3 or Seagate 7200.12 500 GB drives.

    PSU wise, cooler master is horrible. Go OCZ stealthx or modx series if you want cheap, Corsair TX series for mainstream, and seasonic 80+ gold PSU's if you want the best.

    In your case a 500W PSU will be sufficient, it you plan on xfire of SLI in the future, you'll probably want a 700W PSU.
  4. I see no need for him to spend the money to go 1366. He's nowhere near a graphics bottleneck with his GPU choices, and benefits of triple channel memory is currently limited to high end renderers/graphic designers.
  5. Oh, I agree. Bang/buck right now is with AMD, even if Intel holds the performance crown.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestion and explanation. Does it mean AMD will give a better price to performance ? If so, what would be a comparable system with AMD chipset? I am not too familar with AMD chipset out there in the market.
  7. There's a sticky thread with a template in it for new builds. Please use it, since it will answer all the questions we're likely to ask, such as about your budget, time frame, existing parts, etc.
  8. Hallo Sir,

    I'm planned to build the new Core i5 System.
    A Specialy Animation working & study Used.

    Can U Pls. Explain what is the System requirment.

    Thanks & regards,

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