GA-MA790X-DS4 unlocking Phenom 2 x2 555?

I've been trying to unlock this processor but I can't find any option in the bios, is it me being a rookie or there just isn't?

I have the lastest bios from the official website which is F10A Beta.
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    With Gigabyte mobos, ACC (Advanced Clock Calibration ) can be accessed under the "MB Intelligent Tweaker" (M.I.T) option in BIOS.

    If you can't find ACC, then press 'Control + F1' keys on the MAIN Page after entering BIOS, the screen will flash, then go into the various sections to look for hidden settings. However, this trick may only work on certain Gigabyte BIOS version like the F2D BIOS.
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  3. Guess my motherboard doesn't have that option then, can't find anywhere.
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