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Hey all,

So i have an original thermaltake armor chassis, but im in the process of upgrading and figure i should upgrade my PSU as well. Im not sure if i can put any psu in the case, can i put in a coolmaster PSU or do i have to stick with thermaltake?

Thanks in advance guys and gals alike.
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  1. ^ You can use any PSU from any company as long as it is an ATX form factor(Which most of the PSUs are)...
    And calculate how much power would your PC need and based on that get the PSU and more importantly get a Quality PSU from Tier I companies like Corsair, Antec EA/ TP Series, CM Real Power/ Silent PRO/ GX Series, Silverstone, Seasonic, PCP&S...
  2. How would one go about figuring out how much power (s)he would need? Also what is an atx2.2 power supply?
  3. Don't worry about atx 2.2. All new PSU are ATX2.2.

    This is a good PSU calculator.

    Mention your system specs. We will recommend a some PSU for you. Also tell us the budget :)
  4. Hey thanks all for the replies, as for budget, there isn't one really, as for spec, well im looking at an i7 920 with a mainboard of intel x58, a creative xfi, 8gb ddr3, i was thinking of moving both of my old nvidia 8800 ultra's to the new rig, unless someone can think of a reason i can't. A netgear wireless dual band 5ghz card, a intel 160gb ssd drive and 4 wd 250gb drives. I might add an additional usb card.
  5. ^ That PSU Calc is a very good option to find out the rough power requirements...
    Select Capacitor aging to 25% ...Get a PSU with wattage atleast 50W(100W would be safe) more than the value that you get there...
  6. ^ For that config(assuming you have 2x 8800 Ultra's), a 650W from the manufacturers that I had listed will do...
    If you will be replacing with newer, more powerful video cards - again 2 of them, then you would need a 700W+ PSU...
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    Since you don't have a budget then i would suggest some good PSU:
    All are 750W since you have dual cards and will easily hande most dual cards configuration.

    Seasonic X750 Gold:

    Corsair 750TX:

    Corsair 750HX:

    750TX isn't modular but cheapest.
    750HX is 80 Plus Silver certified and has a 7 year warranty!!
    Seasonic x750 has the bes efficiency amongst those 3 and a very good quality PSU.

    BTW all those are very good quality PSU.Buy the one according to the amount you wanna spend :)
  8. So to be safe i should aim for a 800w psu to allow for growth etc?
  9. ^ Yes...pretty much...but even those 750W listed by shubam are good enough to last you for a long time...
  10. Thats great work guys, thanks a lot, i think i'll go for the 750HX. Do you mind answering another question, as i mentioned earlier, i was going to put in an intel 160gb ssd, in your opinions, would you think the ocz drives or the intel drives are better? Im looking for a ssd drive which has a good life span and is above 100gb
  11. The Intel drives deliver faster Reads, but I feel the OCZs are equally good too...especially the 120GB ones...
    Currently the Vertex EX is actually cheaper than the Vertex dont know why...

    Another very good option
    Corsair Reactor Series CSSD-R120GB2-BRKT 2.5" 120GB

    And a very good cheap alternative, which also supports TRIM
    Kingston SSDNow V Series SNV425-S2BD/128GB

    And just noticed that you have listed 8GB RAM...If you are going with i7 930, better to use Tri-Channel kits - 6GB/ 12GB as they take advantage of the Tri-Channel memory controller of the i7...So populate 3/ 6 RAM slots...

    And as for the mobo, check out the new Gigabyte X58A-UD3R...they are better and offer more features...
  12. Thats great, thanks to everybody for all your help.
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