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hey guys i'm planning on overclocking my cpu with the Cooler master hyper 212 evo :) the cpu is an i5 3570k .. I wonna ask what is the limit of OCing can i do ?
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  1. Between 4.5GHz ~ 4.9GHz you'll hit a steep wall of temperature.
  2. I can get mine to 4.8Ghz with 1.410 Vcore. Some other overclocks I have managed to achieve are 4.5Ghz at 1.300 Vcore. And my current overclock is 4.7Ghz at 1.380 Vcore. The reason I stay at 4.7Ghz is because the temps stay somewhat under control with 1.380 Vcore. I'd say with the cooler you have tops would be about 4.5-4.6Ghz. I say that because the cooler you have is not quite as good as some of the other coolers they have out there although it is a great bang for your buck.

    Really though, if I were you, I'd go for 4.5Ghz. I'd turn all powersaving features off. Set it to where it stays at 4.5Ghz and doesn't fluctuate. I wouldn't mess with to many of the other settings but the multiplier and Vcore voltage unless you know what your doing. So I would set your multiplier to 45 and then I'd set your Vcore at 1.320 and see if it's stable with Intel Burn In Test and make sure to run a few games too. If it is stable I would then lower your voltage by 0.01 increaments until it's not stable anymore. Then go back up to where you where when it was stable. And that's a perfect overclock right there. Your temps should be around 80-85c in IBT with that overclock. If you use prime95 your temps will be about 10-15c less than IBT.
  3. 4.5 ghz HERE at 1.20 volts.
  4. eric, how many gflops does your 4.8ghz ivy do with intel burn test?
  5. About 130Gflops. To be more accurate, 129.6Gflops. That's a lot right? I notice other overclocks do like 110 and 115
  6. neon neophyte said:
    eric, how many gflops does your 4.8ghz ivy do with intel burn test?

    Hey I wanted to answer your question because I was JUST wondering the same thing. I was thinking " I wonder what Gflops other get during IBT?". But my 4.7Ghz overclock get's 129.78Gflops on average. Sometimes 130 sometimes 128. I think that is pretty high though right? I mean most others get 110-115 I notice. Reply to this if you ever notice I sent this reply.
  7. ya thats good, my 5ghz sandy only gets 128
  8. neon neophyte said:
    ya thats good, my 5ghz sandy only gets 128

    Yeah that sounds right on par with what I was thinking. I thought the 3570k's IPC changes only gave it about a .2Ghz advantage but it looks like it gives it a little over .3Ghz of an advantage since my 3570k is at 4.7 and yours is at 5.0Ghz and I still get a little more. I get about 92C average in IBT though. 79C average in prime95. I bet you get better temps than me? The 3570k does have IPC advantages but the 2500k can overclock about .3-.4Ghz more. So they are pretty much the same. I just hope that Haswell doesn't beat us by too much. From what I read Haswell is mainly about graphics.
  9. ya i only hit 85 degrees in ibt.

    i can clock higher too. ive got 5.1 stable but i havent tried for 5.2 because it is too hot.

    also, new sandybridge runs cooler and on less volts than mine does. my sandy is 2 years old.
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