Rampage III SupremeFX X-fi 2 or Asus Xonar DX

Which one is better? One is onboard sound, which I've heard isn't that great (although most boards don't have SupremeFX), while the other is from a sound card that was designed a few years ago. After building my system should I bother to transfer the sound card? My speakers are Harman Kardon Soundsticks II in case that's important.
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  1. The Xonar is much better and those speakers are able to make the difference.
  2. A dedicated sound card will make a difference if you are into music and all, but for gaming I have to say that an explosion really doesn't sound much different on either. I have played guitar off and on for years now and really love a dedicated sound card for recording and all,but it is overkill just for gaming and the everyday stuff.
  3. Thanks everyone :) I might just compare the Rampage III Formula's SupremeFX to the soundcard, but am definitely transferring the Xonar since I listen to Itunes often. I have also noticed a considerable improvement on my current XFX Core2 Quad board (see it is time to upgrade, I wont even bother with Sandybridge).
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