FX8350 overheating?


I recently bought a FX 8350, with a Zalman CNPS 9900 DF.
I self-assembled it on a Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0.

The problem is : at stock speed, running Prime95 CPU stress test, CPU temperature rise to 65°C within few minutes (10-15), even with my case open.

I don't get it. Is that a known "issue" of this CPU? Or did i got myself a defective one?

I'm mad, wanted to overclock it, and well, can't even try...

Any idea?
Should i return it?
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  1. Have you tried re-seating the heatsink?
  2. Just tried it with new thermal grease. Slightly better but still rise to 63° after a 30 minutes stress test.
  3. U may want to play with LLC and the voltages, it could get your much lower temps. The 8350 produces a lot of heat.

    BTW what method did apply the paste with? What cpu fan settings are applied?
  4. Well with a stock heatsink ivy bridge i5's hit 67-70c when @ load using Prime95, so I think your OK
  5. Case open is worse because your are eliminating any air flow. However, I think that temp is way too high. I had a heavily overclocked 8150 under water and would hit that temp. Yes, its water but I was also at 4.9 with massive voltage increases. I would still stay under 70. Please don't compare intel to amd for temps. Trust me, not remotely close at all.
  6. You don't want to go above 65c for the most part with that cpu. Since your using a decent cooler, I would think your temps should be around mid 50s and even lower. A stock cooler on stock clocks shouldn't go about 60c in prime95. Just looking at some of my notes.
  7. redeemer said:
    Well with a stock heatsink ivy bridge i5's hit 67-70c when @ load using Prime95, so I think your OK

    FX has a much lower heat tolerance than Ivy Bridge
  8. Prime95 is not real world results IMO, While I get why some use it, there's little chance for the average user to push there system that hard to get to the temps Prime pushes it up to. Keep an eye on your temps. If you start crashing on heavy gaming or rendering then you are unstable at some level, but it will unlikely be from heat don't get hung up on Prime95 results unless your a purist.
  9. I have a 8350 as well and it can get quite hot on stock (bout 63 tops on prime95) but that is with a hyper 212 evo in push/pull config.

    i'm not sure if changing voltages from the stock would be a good idea IMO but that's just me. Also I believe I have heard the max temp on this chip before throttling starts is about 65 (someone please correct me if I am wrong).
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