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Im looking for a way to limit my offset voltage for the turbo mode. Im currently on 4.2 i5 3570k and sometimes the vcore will rise up to 1.243 and i think thats very much unnecessary right? Ive been looking for a way and i saw people talking about things like, llc, pll,settings but i couldnt manage to put it together. one other idea was to set offset voltage with the "+ -" thing. For example, if i lower the value with the - bit, will it be decreasing the whole voltage causing unstabilty. It would be great if i could limit the maximum turbo vcore to 1.9 - 2.0v. I have an asus p8z77 v lx

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  1. 1.9 - 2.0 V would fry your CPU. 1.5 is the cutoff safety for i5-3570K processors.

    1.243 is not only safe, but very average. You have no reason to be concerned there.

    If you really want to mess with the offset, there are two settings you need to look at. The first is the offset setting. Put it at a negative value so it drops down to where you want. I'd say keep the minimum to 1.0V at the lowest.

    At this point, increase the maximum turbo voltage to compensate during load. If 1.243 is working currently, make sure you allow it to reach 1.25V turbo voltage. If you lowered the offset by 0.25V from default, increase the turbo allowance by the same exact value. This lowers the minimum while keeping the maximum the same.

    I am currently @ 4.5GHz on an i5-3570k. My minimum voltage is 0.96. My maximum is 1.296.

    If you have any problems, get back to me on here and I will try to help.
  2. I had my 3570k at offset -0.065 with LLC at level 5 and it gave very good voltages and solid stability. Not sure how Asus labels LLC levels - with ASRock it's a numerical scheme. If you're unsure about the LLC setting, then put it in the middle of whatever options you have.
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