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I have just finished building a new computer: i5 750, MSI P55-GD55 and ... my brother's 8800GT

When I start my computer, the screen stays completely black.

I tried the gts250 of my brother in my computer and it worked.

I tried 8800gt in my brother's computer and it worked. This means that the two video cards works...

Why does the 8800GT doesn't work in my computer?

(and sorry for my poor english...)
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  1. could be several things, assuming both cards work as you stated

    the card was not properly seated in the socket

    you forgot the the 6-pin power connector

    did you uninstall old drivers and then install new ones with the 8800GT card installed

    P.S. Your English grammar is better then a lot of other people who did speak it fluently and post here.
  2. Thanks for the reply,

    well it is now working... I've plug it in the other pci-express slot and it is now working...

    but still, isn't it weird that the gts250 was working in the same slot as the 8800gt wasn't???
  3. i had the same issue but reversed

    I replaced a 8800GT with a GTS 250, the GTS 250 would not show any visuals. Checked to make sure it was seated, connected, etc.,all good.

    I put the 8800GT back in, worked fine. Put the GTS250 back in....worked fine....

    Some people like to blame gremlins....I personally blame the liberal media
  4. That's weird but... Thank you for your help!
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