No Screen, possible GPU Issue? Help!!

My computer recently stopped displaying anything, and I have checked the CMOS battery, RAM, and the monitor itself. I have a Gateway DX-4640, and I have checked to see if everything else is running as far as I can tell. I hear the windows startup and am able to shut down windows from the keyboard as well. Also there are no error beeps as well. Can anyone help me please, I have a PCI-E video card that isn't installed yet, if I can use that, or if I should reflash my bios. Not sure what to do, any help would be great, thanks!
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  1. First thing you do should be to install another graphics card and test to make sure everything is alright. It seems that everything is fine but your graphics is failing. Now the next step would be to just double confirm that you do indeed have a graphics problem. On rare occasions it may be the cable is damaged or the connectors of the cable.
  2. I apologize, I forgot to put on here that it is my integrated, or onboard graphics that are not working.
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