Powerline network isn't working right but I'm not sure why

I'm using a set of netgear 2001 powerline adaptors to connect a WHS box in one room with a HTPC in my living room. The strange thing is that my speeds are very slow. However, if I leave everything setup the way it is and connect to the internet (instead of WHS), my speeds are much faster. Here is how the hardware is setup.

HTPC--powerline 1--power lines--powerline2--switch--WHS

When setup this way my transfer speeds are 3mb/sec max. All the hardware is 1000mbs except for the powerlines which claim to be 200mbs.

Here is where it gets strange though. If I connect to my htpc to the internet, instead of the WHS box, like so

HTPC--powerline 1--power lines--powerline2--switch--Router/Modem Combo (uverse)

....I consistently get 12MB/sec. I'm using the exact same powerline adaptors and hardware yet it's faster. If I could get this speed on my WHS setup I would be happy but I don't. Any idea why?

For what it's worth, if I transfer files from my WHS to my other computers (not using powerline) i get 60-70 mb/second so I know it's not my WHS box limiting the transfer speeds.
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  1. a) what is an HTPC or a WHS -- I'm guessing these are brands of computer ?

    b) Is the power cable route between the 1st computer and the 2nd the same as the route between the 1st computer and the Router? If not, that is the answer.

    Success in using Powerline networking is greatly affected by the layout of your home wiring and the (probably variable) noise on different parts of it.
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