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Not sure if this is an Air question or motherboard. Feel free to move it if i missplaced it.

Recently created a new system in a CM 690 II, with a GA-Z77X-D3H. Now the system fans should also be control able, but whatever I try both the top and rear fan keep turning at max speed, however the front fan is turning slow, but will never rise. The connectors are 4 pin on the mobo and all 3 pin fan, but even if I go to the bios and set it to voltage control it still does nothing.

Now im already looking for new fans to reduce noise, but not sure if a 3 pin fan (like the noctua NF-p14 flx) will work propperly.
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  1. What kind of fans are you plugging into the M/B headers?

    Some PWM headers (4 pin M/B header) can only control PWM fans not 3 pin fans.

    If you are plugging the fans in through molex connectors you have no control over fan speed.

    If you are using 3 pin fans with 3 pin headers you need to control the fan speed via bios or a fan curve within a program such as speedfan.
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