hi guys i want to upgrade my video card.i want to buy Gigabyte GeForce GTS250 OC.i have a 460w psu from cooler master.the problem is that i have 2 500 gbs wd in raid and 160 gbs wd a intel e 6550 stock and 5 fans in the case.
i am asking you if my psu will suport all of this and my new video card??
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  1. Technically, yes. But you'd be pushing it and I wouldn't trust that brand to have sufficient power on the correct rails.
  2. 450W is the Minimum Recommended System Power (W) for your graphic card.

    Therefore, your PSU should have enough power to handle that graphic card. Anyway, take in mind that if your PSU is the COOLER MASTER Elite Power 460, it's a 400W PSU which can only deliver up to 420 W. Anyway, I think that you won't have any problem.
  3. it should be fine. but a corsair 400cx psu would be a lot better!
  4. I'd go with 650 PSU
  5. to be safe a think im going to change my psu too i dont want to have problems on the long term
  6. If you have already decided to change the PSU, here you have some good options:

    ANTEC Earthwatts 500W (by Delta Electronics)
    CORSAIR VX450 450W (by Seasonic)
    ENERMAX Eco80+ II (EES500AWT) 500W
    ENERMAX LibertyECO II (ELT500AWT-ECO II) 500W (modular)
    THERMALTAKE Toughpower QFan 500W (W0151) 500W (by CWT)

    If you are thinking about doing SLI, I would go for one of the following PSUs:

    ANTEC EarthWatts 650W (by Delta Electronics)
    CORSAIR TX650 650W (by Seasonic)
    ENERMAX Eco80+ II (EES620AWT) 620W
    COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M (RS-600-AMBA-D3) 600W (by Enhanced Electronics) (modular)
    SAPPHIRE FirePSU 625W (by Enermax) (modular)
  7. i think i wil choose betwen these psu because those are too much for my litle budget:
    Rasurbo Silent&Power 650W
    Rasurbo GaminX&Power 550W
    Super Flower SF-650P14P 650W
    Inter-Tech Energon 750W

    please tell me wich is the best betwen the psu
  8. Super Flower manufacturers its own PSUs.
    Take a look at the SUPER FLOWER Amazon SF-650P14HE. It is a quality PSU. It provides good voltage distribution, good voltage regulation, good efficiency (80plus Bronze certification), and silent operation (140mm fan). The build quality is good as well, using high-quality components (the main capacitor is from Nippon Chemi-Con rated at 470µF and 450V). You will power up to two gts250 OC without any problem. It has two 6-pin and two (6+2)-pin PCIe connectors. It's SLI certified as well.
    It has a total of six 12V rails. Four of them are rated at 20A, except rails 12V4 and 12V5 which are rated at 30A. The total combined power of the 12V rails is 624W.

    The Super Flower SF-650P14P 650W is a low quality PSU. It has two +12V rails (rated at 21A and 22A) and 1x 6pin PCIE and 1x (6+2)-pin PCIE connectors. It should be enough to handle your computer but I don't have much more information about it. If you don't have any other option than those four PSUs, I would go for this one.
    Anyway, I recommend you to keep running your CM 460W PSU until you have enough budget to buy a quality PSU (the ANTEC EarthWatts 650 has a very good price/performance ratio and you could get it by 80$ in Newegg).
  9. Anyway, if you tell me which is the Web site of the store where you are thinking to buy the PSU, maybe I could find a cheap and better option than those four PSUs.

    is in romanian i check all the psu that are in my budget.they are 28 please check them
  11. Single GTS 250 graphic card:

    Corsair CMPSU-400CX 400W (by Seasonic): It's an impressive PSU that has a +12V single rail desing which can deliver up to 30A (360W) and 1x (6+2)-pin PCIe connector. It presents a great efficiency (80plus certification), excellent ripple and noise supression and very good voltage regulation. It can reach 480W at below 50ºC. 3 years warranty. ...219 RON

    Nexus NX-5000 R3 530W (by Hipopower): It's a great PSU. It runs extremely quiet and presents good efficiency (80 Plus Bronze certification) , good ripple and noise supression and extremely good voltage regulation over its entire range of load. it presents a +12V single rail desing which can deliver up to 41A (492W), 1x 6-pin PCIe connector and another one (6+2)-pin PCIe connector. ...279 RON

    Corsair CMPSU-450VX 450W (by Seasonic): This monster can deliver even 570W at below 50ºC. It presents high efficiency (80PLUS certificated), excellent voltage regulation and very good noise and ripple supression, only Japanese capacitors inside, it has all the protections you could need (OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP and SCP), 5 years warranty, ...
    It presents a +12V single rail desing which can deliver up to 33A (396W) and 1x 6-pin PCIe connector. ...289 RON

    For SLI GTS250:

    Nexus NX-6000 R3 630W (by Hipopower): It's a very solid power supply. It presents a good effiency and excellent stability. It has a lot of protections: SCP, OCP, OPP, OTP, and, OVP and UVP only in the secondary and 3 years warranty. It has 1x 6-pin PCIe connector and another one (6+2)-pin PCIe connector. It has a single +12V rail desing which can deliver up to 50A (600W), so it can handle two gts250 without any problem. ...309 RON
  12. thanks you very much henry i will choose nexus day im going to order it
  13. cristi1993 said:
    thanks you very much henry i will choose nexus day im going to order it

    You're welcome.
    You have done a great choice.
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