Trying to install a gigabyte adapter on my motherboard

i want to upgrade my ethernet from a 10/100 to a 10/100/1000 i dont have a pci slot but i do have a pcie x16 and pcie x1 slot which should i use and what king of adapter should i get? please anyone want to help out
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  1. which slot should i use and do you know of any good pcie adapters adn what to look for?
  2. THe one he linked is a PCI-e card and will work in either the x1 or x16 slot so you can use which ever of the 2 that you want with it. (the x16 slot will just have portions of it not used if you plug the card into it but the slot is designed so that any x1 device can be used in an x16 slot !)
  3. thanks alot!!!
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