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I used to have my Phenom ii x2 unlocked and overclocked to a Phenom ii x4 B50 (used to be 550) @ 3.6ghz.
Now I had this setup for about two years now and recently it told me that the recent oc had failed, I was not able to fix it until i disabled the cores.
Now I'm trying to reconfigure the cores to unlock it to a quad core but it only shows two cores. Is it possible that the other two cores got damaged
and now won't work? Or is something being configured incorrectly? The motherboard is a MSI 770-G45 motherboard and it's served me well.
This is extremely frustrating as gaming with a dual core setup really sucks. Any help will be appreciated!
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  1. Bump + Update

    I fixed it, I turned it into a quad core again. Now I have just one computer turned off and now it turns on but nothing is displayed...The signal doesn't really go to the monitor. Now my graphics card is a GTX 660ti. Never had a problem with it, so I doubt it's that. What else could it be? The processor finally died due to it being unlocked and OC to 3.6ghz? Anything will be appreciated!
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