I have seagate goflex external harddisk of 500gb is not recognized or detected b

recently i had purchased a new external hard disk of seagate goflex freeagent of 500gb,2.0usb is not been detacted by my laptop of HP.
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  1. All the usual questions:

    Have you ever written data to it? Your question sounds as if it is brand new, but the answers are all different if you have ever seen it.

    Will any other USB device work in that USB port, or is the USB port broken?
    Will that drive work on any other computer?
    When you say "not detected," do you mean that there is no drive letter? Can the drive be seen in the Disk Manager (Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management, the pictures at the bottom)? Most external drives come pre-formatted, but you may need to partition and format it ( http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/265764-32-guide-installed-disk-system ).

    With some more information we can provide more focused help.
  2. Hi ,

    I have the same problem with my External Hard Disk.

    1. It is not recognized in 'My Computer'.
    2. I tried with different USB cables.
    3. Its showing on 'Disk Management' under the My Computer Management Console.

    Can any one suggest and help me to recover my data as well as Devise.

    Thanks in Advance.
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