Is my CPU dead? Or trying to be dead ?

Ok , problem is kinda simple ( might be like in my previous post , where i tought fan wasnt spinning ,but.. i hope CPU is dead now ) - Soo , whenever CPU is 50 or more % of use( its almost all the time 30% - 100% , because it's celeron + 5 years ), when i listen to songs , i hear them in slow motion .. but not good quality slow motion , but very , very bad quality , like 1 letter repeats for 2 seconds +++ Sometimes , when i minimize web browser , it still appears on screen , however i can do things when i resize browser.

Right now i tried minimizing , CPu was at 33% - 49% of usage

Will it die soon ?

GOD I HOPE SO , because my mom told that when PC will be broken , we will get it fixed ... i hope the dude who will fix will understand that there is no point of that kind of PC and say that i need a new PC , or a better CPU , but than i will also need a V-Card...
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  1. Why don't you kill it yourself rather than waiting for it to suicide.! A little extra voltage to the core will help.. Don't forget to disable all the monitoring features from the bios such as EIST etc (that is if they exist).. All the very best..
  2. But is it gonna die soon at all ?
  3. Hahaha it seems so , your getting closer and closer to a new computer :))
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