Buy a new mobo or proc?

Ok so other discussion got closed before it was resolved. Thanks mousie.

I have a oem board and a pent d e2180

Can get a new mobo for 30ish and then a heatsink for 30 eselling oem hsf for 10 or so

Or could get a. Top of the line core 2 duo for 50, really prefer to keep it low cost.

I know the pent d I have is allendale which is c2d minus some L2.

Overclock one a new board or keep oem board and run a replacement chip?

Also fil1p suggested just get everything new.

Socket 1155 or pull back to 1156? I have DDR2 ram. I'm told I could likely swap that for ddr3 without losing much if any money.

Only need barebones kits, intel vastly preferred.

Any suggestions?
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  1. First, speak apocopate English so we can fully understand your request... Second you would want to get everything new. Don't just buy 1 or 2 parts at a time, it never ends well. Third go AMD. If you would like a build, just ask.
  2. lol i thought I was asking...(for builds)

    apocopate english?
    apocopate (not comparable)
    Shortened by apocope; lacking a final sound or syllable
    (grammar, Arabic language) jussive

    Shortened english? I did lol, or are you saying it was excessive lol?
  3. "Can get a new mobo for 30ish and then a heatsink for 30 eselling oem hsf for 10 or so" Ill be honest, I had to decipher this ***... The short hand was crazy...

    Anyways, give us a price point to work with and Ill get you a build.
  4. So I over used apocopate english. Is my shorthand out of date? its all pretty standard alphabet soup and forum abbreviation or so I thought.

    I just need a stronger cpu. I can do that by replacing cpu or replacing the mobo to enable me to overclock the cpu I have.

    If it can be done under 50 that would be best. I already spent too much building a different pc for a family member.

    I'm not willing to spend much yet because its only one or 2 games that suffer from the slow cpu... and they don't suffer too badly.... not badly needed = not well funded
  5. Best answer 99.99

    For $100, your not going to get any better performance, honestly.

    If money is a major concern this is one with just 4GB of RAM But for $5 I would get the extra RAM. And this is the bundle without RAM at all .

    With a OEM motherboard, the processor WILL have to match the motherboard, so no just any'ol processor will work. I don't know if it is vice versa because anytime I have replaced the motherboard, I have replaced the CPU as well.

    Honestly, The A4's have fairly good processing capabilities (probably double what you have now) and actually don't fair bad in video environments, usually comparable to a dedicated 5450 (512mb model)
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  7. Sorry I couldn't find something in that budget, but to be honest, you will be glad you saved up the money.
  8. i did pretty well last year on black friday 40 dollar p67 SLI, pent g860 (45 i think) and another 19 for 8gb 1866 ddr3. (pc i built for brother in law after i trashed his p4 mobo) so like you said, about 100 bucks.

    (i also threw in a 75 dollar rad 7770- rebates rebates rebates.... hey wait i still haven't got them back

    hopefully i'll be able to snag a decent 250gb ssd at that point too just a tad too pricey right now, and 120gb i fear will be too small. (course i'm already using all the bays in my case so i'll need a new of of those... and a non oem psu... oh back to the drawing board lol)

    ill just wait til black friday again. funny thing is, toms best cpu for money was the g850, but that was selling for more than the 860 (perhaps toms guidance increased demand that much?)
  9. (CPU was used, got on ebay...working good since xmas tho)
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