AM3 Motherboard and RAM voltage

i have an AM3 motherboard (asrock 890GX extreme 3) and a pair of OCZ DDR3 ram with 1.9v.
OCZ ram model is OCZ3RPR16004GK and this serial is included in motherboard memory QVL.
Unfortunatelly, OCZ have 2 product with the same serial: one is with v1.7 (the one on the official website), the other one is with v1.9 (mine).

I don't know which product Asrock have tested. So i'm asking you: is it dangerous for motherboard and CPU to set dram voltage @ 1.9v? Should this setting reduce components lifetime?

Thank you for you answer

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  1. I am not aware of any voltage requirements for AM3 like with Intel. It is recommended to run at 1.65V or less for less heat & power consumption typically. You will be okay at your current voltage for AM3.
  2. So 1.9v will cause more heat & power consumption (no problem for me) but no damage to CPU and Motherboard?
    Thank You
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