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125w Phenom 2 versus 140w Phenom 2

Hey, I'm ready to purchase a new cpu, and I've narrowed it down to the Phenom II x4 965. However, on newegg, there's a 140 watt, and a 125 watt... and I don't know which one to get... I'm ordering the 125w tomorrow unless no one tells me otherwise.
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  1. The smaller the wattage of a same CPU the better (in your case the 965) . It's more efficient and it definitely keeps the temps down. Go for the 125W.
  2. Alright thanks... so there's no difference in speed or overclockability?
  3. The speed is the same but the 125W is better for overclocking as the lower power means less heat. I am not sure but I think the 140W was the original one and 125W is a revised/updated version.
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    140W was a C2 chip, the 125W version is C3. Lower power draw due to lower voltage requirements, slightly better overclocking, and slight improvements to the memory controller. Overall C3 is better, but not by any kind of significant margin.
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