Corsair VS2GB1333D4 confusion

hi guys

i am using a single stick of 2gb corsair VS2GB1333D4 ram
but am not satisfied with the overall system speed
the corsair has a timing of 9-9-9

is the lack of performance due to this higher timing ram?

should i sell this ram and get a lower timing rams like say gskill ripjaws with 7-7-7 timings
will i get any significant improvement in performance by this?

or should i add another stick of corsair vs and use in dual channel mode

my system config
amd phenom 955be
asus m4a87td evo
xfx 8800gt
2x250 gb segate baracuda
corsair vx550w
win7 64bit
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  1. anybody cares to help??
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