Asus MAXIMUS V GENE 2nd SSD isn't detected?

Hi guys,

I recently built a kinda new computer which consists of the following:

i7 2600K @ 3.4G(Stock)
Asus Maximus V GENE Z77 Mobo
16 GB G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3-1333
120GB OCZ Agility SSD
Nvidia GTS 450

I purchased a 2nd SSD today so I can use it to hold some files that I need from an old IDE HDD that I converted into SATA and after that I was going to use to store important programs.

So to start my problems off, the 2nd SSD (OCZ Petrol 128GB) isn't being detected in Windows 7 or in BIOs. I'm not too familiar with the new Mobo BIO's but I assume it should just be picked up automatically like my Agility SSD?

2nd problem is that neither of my old IDE converted in SATA HDD's are being detected either.

I'm starting to lean into the fact that I have something disabled in my BIO's or all my hardware is junked?

I currently have the SATA configuration set to ACHI in BIO's.

Any help wil lbe greatly appreciated.
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  1. Solved:

    For people with the same problem in the future:

    I had plug the SSD into a slower SATA port for some reason, that allowed Windows to detect it, now that I've got it showing in My Computer as an actual drive, I'm going to try to replug it into a faster SATA port.

    As for the IDE drives, I had to set the jumpers to Cable Select for the IDE to SATA converters to work.

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