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Hello, i have just install a 2nd hand q9400 are have core temp running it shows that 2 out of the 4 cores are always at 44oc even under no load the others are 29 is this normal the other 2 never move off 44 no mater what
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  1. sounds ok
  2. Try a different temp monitoring program. HWMonitor, CoreTemp, Real Temp, Speed Fan...
    Not sure why temps would get stuck like that, seems a bit odd to me. The two cores at 29 idle, what are they under load?
  3. Hi
    I have been reading a lot about core temps lately and I have heard many say that the sensors can get stuck. Since they should be reasonably close you may be able to just go with the ones that work. Sometimes if you can raise the core temp past where they are stuck they will come unstuck. At any rate it is not uncommon.
  4. What motherboard are you using?

    I've got a Q9400 (overclocked to 3.8GHz) on an Asus P5Q-E and every temperature sensor shows two cores at 34, and 2 at 37 almost all the time.

    When running at low to medium usage, the temperatures never move from 34 and 37.
    When I put some high usage through them (GTA4 for example) they'll move up to between 40-45 degrees but vary every second as I'd expect.
    Putting extreme pressure on them (IntelBurnTest) they will hit late 50's, but again move around a little as normal.

    As soon as the load is gone, they plumment straight back down to 34 and 37 respectively and never deviate even 1 degree. This had led me to believe that my motherboard sensor cannot register temperatures on this chip lower than 34 and 37, so simply reports this "minimum" temperature all the time the chip is lower than it.

    So long as your temperature sensor shows correct when the chip gets warm, I wouldn't worry too much about it and just be happy you've hit your motherboard sensor's minimum. :)
  5. hi guys thanks for the replys iv also looked at the cpu temp as a whole and thats about right about 23 dose cpu temp give a better over all picture of temp useing everest to get the info may be im worried to much about core tem and its overall cpu temp that i should be looking at
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