Crysis Graphic Problems w/ XFX HD 5870

OK here is the break down of my specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Intel i7 920
6GB Ram
XFX HD 5870 X2 Crossfire
ASUS Rampage II Extreme LGA 1366 Intel X58

Here is the problem trying to run Crysis, the problems that i am having, graphics are choppy even on low settings, like the trees would be blinking and when i look at the sky the clouds are squares, and just does not run that well on medium settings, an anyone tell what the deal is i should be able to fly through this game on high setting without a problem with my set up, and it only does this on this game, can anyone help
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  1. How is the situation in other games ?
    Also have you downloaded the latest VGA drivers + the latest patch for the game ?
  2. Make sure any drivers you had previously aren't conflicting with your current ones.
    Make sure your PSU can handle your GPU's (You'll need at least a Corsair 550W, 650W Recommended). Make sure your Crossfire is correctly enabled. Try taking out one card at a time to make sure both are working properly. Make sure your CPU is not running 5 background applications.
  3. Ok solved the Problem by applying a patch to the Crysis
  4. Glad to here it :) yes the patch solves many performance problems
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