Good websites to buy a sli ready socket 775 mobo?

hi guys, there is probably a post allready like this one...just post the link to it if there is.

Im looking to buy a new motherboard to replace my Asus p5kpl/1600.
It needs to be a socket 775 for my duo quad cpu and be SLI ready as im thinking of SLI'ing my XFX nvidia GTS250

Allso im thinking of upgrading from XP to win 7. i havnt done this allready cos my mobo doesnt support win 7 :(

i know but im kinda looking for a Gygabyte or asus mobo and im not sure Ebuyer sells wha tim looking for.
Im looking to spend Around 70-90 pounds and i dont want to have to spend any more then £100 if i can help it.

Can any one serguest any websites like Ebuyer?

cheers, and again sorry if im reposting whats allready here
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  1. - Does the job for me.
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