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ATi releases the Radeon HD 5990 4GB TODAY!!!

My bad, they only confirmed it. Close enough though. They're probably aiming to release it like JUST before the GF100. :sol:
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    i can see it now

    bank loan officer - "you need a loan for...."
    gamer - 'a computer video card"
    loan officer - "you need a loan to buy a computer?"
    gamer - "no, just the video card....I have my car as a collateral!"
  2. Its a 3 slot card. Hope you have a P6T Deluxe V2 or similar, for all those crazy enough to buy two. :)
  3. 2 PCIe x8's power level is over 300!!!! XD
  4. I have an MSI K9A2 Platinum mobo. I don't think I'll be getting that card anytime soon but I do have the room for
    OCZ is doing an RMA on my GameXStream 1010W by sending me a Z-Series 1000W 80 Plus Gold certified PSU to replace it. I'll have the power I need
  5. Man.... 4GB....... Not sure that will be useful except in Crysis 2. Even the it probably wont be useful.
  6. 4GB..... i have this in mind for a while. if they really make it out did people with 32bit OS have to change thier OS to 64bit one to use this card? :??:
  7. OMG. Ill miss it :)
  8. 3 slots!!! thats the sexiest thing ive seen all week!!!!
  9. this card is just for advertising.ati's trying to get people's attention as the best gpu maker.
    and the funny thing is when a 4gb vga is needed for playing games (in future) then we'll probably have dx12 so if i buy this it's a waste
  10. Just give me the dual 5870s... no need for this.

    It is cool I suppose, but it isn't really in the market to compete with the GTX 480 as the GTX 480 is a single card. Bring on the 5890s ATI.
  11. Nice. But if 5970 is $700... 5990 $??? or $????....
  12. OVER 9000!!!!
  13. Wow.... Gonna cost a TON. A little misleading though since its not ATI's number increase- its on Sapphire. Its not truly a 5990, only really a 5970 OC. I'm just looking forward to seeing if ATI releases a 5890 or what their 6xxx series cards are like.
  14. Newegg is listing one 5970, out of stock, coming 3/12- 699.99.
    Right now , zipzoomfly has two reference models IN STOCK 799.99.
    There are almost NO reference models anywhere (etailers).
    I have a feeling its going to be all non reference models from here on out, maybe
    not to the extreme as this thing will cost. But a better cooler to justify , 800.00, which seems to be the new low price of the card. If people got theirs for 660.00 that was a heck of a deal. They are setting a atmosphere where buying on the first day/week, the consumer has gotten the best deal. Same just occurred with the 5830. Will this repeat with GtX 4XX ?
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  16. Wow, that is a huge and sexy piece of hardware =o

  17. theautumnsbest said:
    OVER 9000!!!!

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