Hitachi technology in 19" LCD?

Hey all...just got finished setting up a new computer for my wife's grandmother...she got a Dell P4 1.8, and ordered it with their new FP1504 15" Digital LCD. WOW. I could not believe how amazing that little monitor looked...much better than any CRT I've ever used or seen! So now I've got the bug, and want one for myself. I've read multiple reviews on the Hitachi CML174, but I have the budget for a 19" LCD. Does Hitachi have any near-term plans to release a 19" LCD that uses the same technology as their fantastic new CML174? If not, what other options would you guys recommend? I've read hit-or-miss reviews on Viewsonic's VX900, and Samsung's 191T. I'll be using it for websurfing, digital photo editing, and lots of gaming (UT, RTCW, AVP2, High Heat 2003, etc.), so ghosting is always a concern. Thanks in advance. (and yes I have ready through the past couple of months worth of posts, to avoid asking a terribly repetitive question!)
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  1. Buy grandma a new CRT, and steal her LCD... lol

    This Community is like a Second Family!!
  2. Rob423, thanks for your valuable input. Boy, you're seem exactly like some other members of my family. I don't talk to them much anymore.

    Having said that, maybe someone here with an IQ above 50 can offer some assistance? Thanks all.

  3. Dude, he's joking. How bout u go to google and search? A lot of the new tech is speculation, and Philips was claiming a 20.1" LCD w/ 16ms response time then they said 25ms. BTW, don't call him a retard cause I know Rob, and he ain't dumb.

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  4. How intensive is this photo editing by the way?

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  5. Hey flame, take a look back through my post...nowhere did I call rob423 a retard. I know better than that. And I've got no problem with jokes...that's why I watch Southpark, Saturday Night Live, Comedy Network, etc. But I come here for insight and information. Rob423 offered none...he just wasted his time and mine. I've been coming to these boards for a LONG time, because they've never regressed into teenage idiot havens like so many other boards. Is this website next??

  6. No more intensive than your everyday amateur digital photographer. While I'm in marketing, and use photoshop at work for prepress work, I don't do that at home...just playing around with digital images from vacations, etc.

    Thanks for the help
  7. Iq of 50 is generally classified as retarded. Anyway, the reason I ask about the graphics editing is that viewing angles on lcd's can be disturbing w/ that cause I too like to create 3d graphics and edit pics digitally, but I remember spending 30 mins on my LCD trying to correct a pic cause it was darker on the top, only to realize it was cause of the lcd's viewing angle. Also, lcd's often have little annoyances where they don't display certain colors correctly. If you're willing to accept that, fine, but it can get a tad annoying. IMO, ask your wife's grandmother to let you use her lcd for 30 mins and do some graphics editing on it and see how you like it (that's a very innacurate test btw cause different lcd's behave differently, but it'll give u a general taste).

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  8. I believe the Hitachi CML174 as well as the upcoming Planar 17" 16ms both use the AU Optronics M170EN05 display:

    I don't see anything greater than 17" with a 16ms response listed on Au Optronics website ,so I expect that it'll be at least a few months before we start seeing any larger monitors with quick response times, but I sense that it's indeed only a matter of time.

    Viewsonic has made some noise recently, but nothing in the range of 16ms to show for it quite yet.


    Actually, after I wrote that, I noticed another post reffering to this:

    Looks promising!<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by gourdo_1 on 12/15/02 09:26 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  9. Wow that philips sounds like a CRT breaker! except for price of course, i wonder what that will be.

    Another thing about the S-IPS technology they don't mention is that the black will indeed look black because IPS does not have the 'light leakage' that other panels have. -Mass production begins the beggining of this December

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  10. Let's see what happens there, could be something special. Hmm, 20.1 inch, I think that would fit on my desk! Imagine the sweetness hehe.

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    - Mario Andretti
  11. Don't even think about getting VX900, I had that monitor for 6 month and I was glad that I got rid of it and got Hitachi instead. Besides, dead pixels that appeared after about month use, it developed cracking noises. Ghosting wasn't really bad, but still noticeable. I would rather go with Samsung, just for nice design. Also, VX900 wasn't bright enough to my taste even at 100%.
  12. Gourdo, thanks for the link.

    zlcd, thanks for the comment on the VX900. I'm going to heed your advice, and avoid that unit. But take a look at the reviews on the VX900 on newegg's website...those people are in love with that lcd. Of course, their views may change after they've owned it for a while, like yours did.

    I forget which message board I was following (new computer, forgot to copy IE bookmarks!), but they really liked the Dell 20" alot, and the price has plummeted lately. I'll do a search through this website for comments on the Dell 20" LCD...maybe that's a decent option. Hope ghosting's not a problem on that unit....

    Thanks all
  13. Holy [-peep-], i make a "JOKING" Comment because you said you liked the picture so much, and you jump down my throat.. TAKE YOUR [-peep-] LCD and shove it up your ass now... how about you [-peep-] read some articles like the rest of us you [-peep-] moron!

    i hate [-peep-] Users like you, you have no sense of humor you scumbag!
    oh and thanks for sticking up for me Flame!
    This Community is like a Second Family!!<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by rob423 on 12/16/02 09:34 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  14. I know, that's where I bought my viewsonic from reading all those comments. It's not a bad monitor, but I just had bad luck with it. dead pixels and cracking noises. The last problem was the most annoying and even tech support didn't help.
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