Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 installation problems

This is for my PC at work ... we just bought it .... it has windows 7 on it and we are trying to install Microsoft Office home and student 2007 that we had on our previous PC. After we enter the key code and all it shows that it's going to download it but the bar on that page never moves. We left it sit there for a good 10 minutes and it showed no progress in the download .... very annoying .... anyone have a clue and thank you so much in advance for your help. (It did install just fine on my laptop at home which has windows vista on it)
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  1. "Microsoft Office home and student 2007"
    It is exactly what it says, it's not for business use.

    "This is for my PC at work ... we just bought it"
    It plainly states on the box "licensed for noncommercial use"
  2. We had it installed at work on our old computer .... it doesn't matter what computer you install it on as long as you have the key code ..... that's not the problem ..... sry ... a PC is a PC regardless of how you use it ! I need a solution to this .... I read on other posts that everyone was telling others it should work on windows 7 unless there is a scratch on the CD/DVD itself .... so I recopied it last night and I'm going to try and do it again. If that doesn't work I still need help with this issue.
  3. I don't condone breaching software license agreements.
    That said, there is no reason why it shouldn't install, providing the computer meets the minimum requirements, unless it has been installed on more computers that it is licesed for and MS has disabled it.
    I don't know how many licences it covers in your country, but in Australia it's for 3 computers.
    But I would expect an error messge to that effect from MS.
    Check the specs required at Microsoft:
  4. Woo Hoo .... thanks to whoever said that you should make a copy of the original and try installing it again...... for that's what I did and now it works perfectly ..... Jonmor68 it is for 3 computers and we've already installed it on at least 7 ..... only because we have to keep buying newer computers either at our work place or at our homes because we not only work out of our office but also out of our homes ..... at any rate .... all is well at our end now and once again THANK YOU for all your input and for resolving this for me .....sorry to even of asked this question because I'm a newbie and didn't realize that I could type in a question under the search part and probably find the answer there before bugging all of you ...... I wish you all a very Blessed and Merry Christmas and and even BETTER NEW YEAR .... for we all need a BETTER ONE !
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