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I'm looking forward to purchasing a SSD but my motherboard doesn't provide SATA3 support. Been researching and it seems like certain controllers does not support TRIM. If so, are there PCI-E SATA 3 Cards that have controllers to support trim?

If not, which move would be wiser, using the onboard sata2 with trim support or attaching it to a pci-e sata3 card?

I would also like to know if will there be any drawbacks attaching HDDs and SSDs to PCI-E SATA 3 cards.

Lastly, what's the advantage of using a raid controller? Planning on raid 0 two velociraptors.
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  1. I have a motherboard with only SATA II ports, with an SATA III SSD. The two protocols are compatible, it simply limits the connection to SATA II speeds. Despite SATA II being slower than the max sequential speed of my SSD, the system flies. My advice is: Don't worry about it.

    PCI-E SATA III cards are fine except for one HUGE vulnerability. Just because the controller is SATA III doesn't mean that you will get decent speeds. Most inexpensive cards use one PCI-E lane. That's slower than a single SATA III connection. If you are going to use a controller, get one that is at least PCI-E x4. If you are going to attach more drives to it, count the PCI-E lanes and make sure that there are enough to handle your bandwidth.

    This is the first I have heard that PCI-E controllers don't support TRIM. Anyone out there with experience yea or nay?

    Finally, the advantage of RAID0 is that you will lose all of your data if either drive, or the controller, fails. And recovery is much harder, and less likely to succeed, than with a single drive. Oh, yes, you will get a decent increase in total transfers per second over a single drive. If you use RAID0, back up early and back up often.
  2. I've read somewhere that the marvel controllers does not support TRIM. Only the Intel and AMD ones does. Im looking at this currently but seems like it does not support trim too. Might just use it for my velociraptors. Do you have any recommendations?
  3. Recommendations for controller cards? No, I haven't used any. I was surprised to hear what you wrote about TRIM, but I looked at the manual for the above controller and TRIM was never mentioned. I would sort of assume that they would boast about it if they had it.
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