Eyefinity on 2x 4890

Hello, i have Ati radeon 4890 vapor-x 2gig can i run eyefinity with 2 of these cards in crosfire mode ? ... IE 3 monitors as one big screen.. thanks
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  1. You will not be able to use eyefinity on a 4xxx series card at all. It's a feature exclusive to the 5xxx series only.

    You COULD hook them up all at once and have it handled the way it was before Eyefinity, where each screen is a separate entity, but that won't let you game on them all at once. (As far as I know).
  2. thank you so much for your quick reply , i guess i will have to buy a new 5xxx series , gutted though i only bought this card 3 month ago ,

    thanks again
  3. if i'm not mistaken the eyefinity is exclusive to ATI HD5000 series only. nvidia 3d surround works for upcoming 400 series and current 200 series but you'll have to SLI your card to enable to use 3 monitor :na:
  4. I suppose a solution like nvidia's would be possible via software, the same way nvidia is doing it, but considering the work it would take I doubt ATI would even bother trying to implement it on the 4000 series. That's not even addressing the fact that a software implementation would be terribly inefficient. If you want a large screen to game in, I would suggest just getting a 1080p Plasma TV to use as your monitor ^_^.
  5. meh on the TV, its only 1080p

    get a 30" monitor (2560x1600), now thats the resolution to get
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