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Hi TomsHardware

I have finally tried over clocking my I7920 D0 CPU today. I am not sure I have done everything correctly or should change some other settings. Getting 74-77 C under full load in Prime95. I think I can lower my CPU Voltage as this setting was just to make sure it was stable.
My temps are a little on the warm side but a 3 year old cooler can do that. Thinking about getting a new one and a couple new fans.

Is there anyway to increase the performance of my ram?

6GB OCZ Gold DDR3-1600-RAM
CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Cooler

The BIOS Settings I changed. Everything else was left as is.
CPU Ratio 21x
BCLK Frequency 171
DRAM Frequency 1371
UCLK Frequency 2742
QPI Link 6171

CPU Voltage 1.2v
QPI/DRAM Voltage 1.8
IOH Voltage 1.1
IOH PCIE Voltage 1.5
ICH Voltage 1.1
DRAM Bus Voltage 1.62
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  1. http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?id=20081220191040237&board_id=1&model=P6T+Deluxe&page=1&SLanguage=en-us

    I found this thread and it helps alot. Also made an error when copying down my settings lol. Will try a few different overclocks and see how they work out.
  2. OK I did something trying to push 3.8 Ghz and I am not sure what happened but when I reverted back to my previous settings that passed the sensor test in Real Temp and Prime95 they weren't stable at all.

    Now that was kinda frustrating but I reset my BIOS and used these settings last night I had over 6 hrs under full load in Prime95 before a crash. (One of my fans is on the way out now, making noise) so I will stick to the 3.6Ghz that I can safely achieve. (My temps in the first post were quite high due to the fact my comp is about 5 feet from a wood stove, this morning it was sitting idle at 34-36C in real temp, around ten degrees lower than lastnight at idle)

    So these are my settings that worked for six hours in Prime95

    Ai Overclocker Tuner [Manual]
    CPU Ratio Setting 21x
    Intel Speed Step Disabled
    BCLK Freq. 171
    PCIE Freq. 100
    DRAM Freq. DDR3 - 1371 Mhz
    UCLK Freq 2742 Mhz
    QPI Link Data Rate 6171 MT/s

    Didn't touch DRAM Timing

    CPU Voltage 1.2v
    CPU PLL Voltage 1.8v
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage 1.2v
    IOH Voltage 1.1v
    IOH PCIE Voltage 1.5v
    ICH Voltage 1.1v
    ICH PCIE Voltage [Auto]
    DRAM Bus Voltage 1.62v

    I think my QPI/DRAM Votlage may be a little low and my DRAM Bus Voltage as well.

    Everything else was left as is.

    Anything I should change or just leave it?
  3. I just ran IBT 10 times on Standard and had no problems. Temps stayed around 74C with the wood stove heating the house and thus my case.

    I am happy and will probably not bother going to the 3.8 Ghz mark until I can get a new location and new fans.
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