What Rig for gaming can my PC handle?

I own a Dimension E521 and the only games i can play are Half life (The original) Counter-strike Source (but it runs poorly) and Team fortress classic. what kind of specs do i need to at least run Team Fortress 2?
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  1. Minimum? I would RECOMEND, for a good entry level rig, an AMD anthalon X2 5000, an ATi Radeon 4850 for the card, any decent Socket AM2 motherboard, such as the ASUS M2N-e SLi and a 500 watt power supply.

    If you just want to purchase a computer, just make sure it has a dedicated GPU that is fairly good and your should be able to run those games just fine.
  2. Budget please.
  3. You could put a HD4670 or HD5570 in that computer without needing to worry about power. Either would be a massive improvement over integrated graphics. If you have only 1GB of RAM, getting another 1GB would probably help too.

    Edit: But, as Jack says, we need a budget (and your location, or where you can buy parts) to be able to give the most thorough advice.
  4. Whoops, sorry guys. The budget can be anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500. but id rather not get a new computer and end up finding out it won't work well either.
  5. Well then, I suggest you start a new thread in the New Build section of the forum, using the format in the sticky there. A budget of $800-$850 could build a better gamer than that Dell could ever hope to be.
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