Hitachi hard drive not recognized

I have a hitachi external hard drive , and AZUS lab top windows7 my labtop does not read the external hard drive ? try differnt plugs , just keeps making a noise but it work with othre PC or labtops
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  1. Even as it is external, try this sticky:

    Guide: If you installed a new disk but the system can't see it

    Just reread your post. Maybe cause it a laptop, and underpowered. You may not have enough "juice" in the laptop USB to power an external drive.

    I've had that happen, a laptop can't power a 3-1/2" hard drive enough, but can a 2-1/2" drive, through USB.
  2. I suspect the power, also. My own solution to that is to pull out my powered USB hub (it has its own wall adapter), plug the hub into the PC, and plug the drive into the hub. If that solves the problem, it was power.
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