Loop Drain Location

Please look at my layout and suggest a good location for a loop drain and hardware to use.
I will add the drain port in about 2 weeks when I WC my video card a EVGA GTX 670 SC 4gig(short 670) with an XSPC block

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  1. I have never liked the idea of a drain line for a closed loop system it makes it harder than it has to be try using a fill/flush system added to the loop, something like this. It allows you to direct the flow of water through a makeshift reservoir, but this is how I do things you may have a better idea. This idea will work anywhere but It works best if placed right before the pumps inlet.


  2. My rule of thumb is:

    Find the lowest spot in the loop. Doesn't matter where it is, put a T or a Y in and a short hose and you are golden. Doesn't need to be complicated.
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