Dx 11 or 10.1

i wanna buy a video card. Im planning to buy an ati radeon. I thought of buying an hd 5770, but its memory interface bus is real low. Another option is the hd 4850. The mib is good but it doesnt support dx 11. I want a future proof gc under Rs 10000 ( abt 180 $)
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  1. 5770 is quite fine card for dx11 stuff. btw 5770 is better than 4850 in term of performance. i suggest you look on the benchmark first before deciding on a card.
  2. You can't determine a card's power based on memory interface bus alone...many factors determine a graphics cards' power.

    It may only have 128 bus, but it has GDDR5 VRAM.

    That's why an ATI 4870 with 256 bus and GDDR5 VRAM performs the same as a GTX260 with 448 bus and GDDR3 VRAM.

    The 5770 actually performs equal to a 4870 or GTX260, and would be much better than a 4850.
  3. Thanks

    So you say i must buy the 5770
  4. what would the approximate price of the 5770 be in india?
  5. ninjamaster said:

    So you say i must buy the 5770

    i'm not saying you must buy 5770. it depends on you. if you can look at the benchmark maybe you can find better card that suits you need. 5770 performance is almost like 4870 or GTX260 but most of the time 4870 and GTX260 still wins. but on the other side 5770 power consumption is better than the two. btw the choice is yours to make :)
  6. 11>10.1

    You can check some of the prices at these sites.
    You will definately get cheaper at the shops like lamington road :)

  7. Prices of TheItwares are reasonable and most of the time are Street Prices.
  8. the price tags of hd 5770 and gtx 260 are more or less the same. Which is a better choice for games like prototypr , assassins creed 2 and crysis?
  9. which is the best graphics card manufacturer? ( like XFX powercolour Palit Point of view , MSI) In terms of quality and price?
  10. 5770 is a solid card for Rs10000 budget but i would like to know your Full system Specs along with SMPS and Monitor's native resolution...

    That will determine whether a HD5770 will suit you/your needs or not... :)
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