Very high temperatures on i5 3570k

I run my i5 3570k with the stock cooler stock speeds and the idle temperature is around 60 degrees and when i play minecraft they are at 85 degrees i tested to start prime 95 but the temperature got above 100 in less than 5 seconds what should i do?
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  1. N-N-N-N-N-NEWW THERMALPASTEE! ( and preferably an aftermarket cooler )

    sorry had to ^^
  2. Do you have your stock cooler installed correctly, and did you apply the thermal properly?

    Those temps are too high.
  3. Should be correctly installed and do you guys now if a silver arrow sb-e cooler fits on a sabertooth z77 mobo?
  4. What case do you have?
  5. Right now i dont have a case but im buying a fractal design define r4
  6. Thanks i will buy the cooler next week i can get it for 45euros from a friend
  7. lol, you are using your parts without a case?
  8. Yea they are on my desk
  9. My temperatures dropped 20degrees when i reinstalled the cooler and putted some arctic silver thermal paste thanks guys :)
  10. That's what i figured,great job!
  11. try not to spill any drinks =P
  12. Haha :D
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