Corsair PSU Lasergrill

Hello guys,
I'm here to show you my new custom lasergrill. I wanted to do something to my PSU but I didn't want to modify it. (it's brand new)
So, here's the lasegrill (made by a friend of mine) in my modded case.

My casemod isn't finished and my english isn't very good, so please forgive me.
Well, I hope you like it.

See ya
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  1. Looks good. Do you plan on painting it, or just leaving it bare?
  2. I'll leave it bare. I wanted to highlight my PSU. The back of the case was black and so was the PSU. I know it seems too different from the rest of the case, because it isn't finished yet, but the case actually has lots of metalic details.
  3. Very nice.
    Find out what your buddy would charge for one and PM me.
  4. is that an xclio 1000 case?
    i just read an article about it here on tom's...
    omg how much would ur friend charge to make me one? i like it super much and want one with my (would be) company logo...
  5. Glad you liked it.
    Well, this friend lives in Chile. The shipping cost is VERY high.
    You may check his website (
    If it's not allowed, please delete my post.
  6. Paint it the same red as the inside of the case.
  7. That is very nice machining work. If you like, please post a picture at our forum.
  8. Hehe, I've already done it and you have already commented on it !
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