Asus Crosshair IV Extreme edition + AMD x6 1100T


I'm upgrading my rig and i have a few thing that i need clarified.
I all ready ordered the parts except for the processor (not available yet) and cooler. The Memory modules i have are Ripjaws 4 x 2gb 1600 7-8-7-24 but i have noticed that Corsair offers better apparent performance for almost the same price. Unfortunately i have noticed this too late.


1.Do the Corsair Corsair XMS3 -4GB 1600MHz PC3-12800 (CMX4GX3M2A1600C7) offer a bit more BW than the [ Ripjaws ] F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM (2Gx2) .The main difference i have noticed is 1.65v for corsair and 1.6 for the G.Skill's and i suppose i can top up a bit the voltage for better performance but as i don't have all the bits for testing yet and cannot say for sure. Anyway i was recommended by the community to buy the G.Skill initially about a month back or so.

2.From reading up about the main board the passive cooler for the north,south and the hydra chip tends to run hot using stock thermal pads so as soon as i get the main board I'm intending to replace those with from what i understand ceramic pads/paste?? and if anyone knows about it please shed some light into this.Anyway my default option is arctic silver 5 and copper shins carefully assembled.( a bit risky do as AS5 is conductive and north and south bridge have components on top). The second step would be to replace the little fan that makes quite some noise once over 50C with some low noise bigger fan(not decided yet)

3.For the cooler i want something that is fairly(would prefer as quiet as possible) quiet and does the job if the processor is overclocked at 4ghz (initial target). After some reading i got settled on the Zalman CNPS 10x Quiet but i would accept any suggestions. The main issue is the this cooler was tested on a AMD x 6 1090T but i want to use it on the new release 1100T and i could assume that the thermal fingerprint would be similar therefore the cooler would match the processor and perform effectively.

4.Casing mod.I'm looking for some efficient noise absorbers for the casing that would be feasible pricewise as im intedinding that this build to be quiet compared to the previous one :).

All suggestions are welcome and i will thank you in advance

BR Sylma
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  1. Got more info about ceramic thermal paste.Main advantage - electrically non conductive but not as efficient as AS5. I had modded a laptop where the video was going hot with copper shins and arctic silver 5. Temp dropped considerably about 10C and now the laptop runs at around 50-55C(i.e.fully heated up ) compared with 60-65C before. Undervolting the CPU dropped another 5-10 degrees(depends on load).I know this seems unrelated but the construction of the chip (i.e laptop) is similar with SB and NB of the mainboard. In the end every degree less means less noise and or more performance.
    (AS5 can cause shorts on the chip-the one beside Lucid if not applied properly)
    Lower temperatures can be achieved with formula version that also has issues with the stock pads. A safe way would be to use ceramic white paste that is also an isolator and any mistakes in applying the compound wouldn't be critical

    For those who care...

    PS : I'm not recommending anyone to try AS5 and copper shins unless they really know what are they doing.
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