Which SSD for Boot and other for storage

SSDs (Note, I have an additional 2TB for big slow storage)

60GB Intel Gen 1 SSD
180GB Intel 520 SSD

I currently have the 60g SSD for my boot and (1) game at a time XD
I'm planning on purchasing the 180gb so i can have more installed games on a SSD instead of my 2TB traditional.

My question:
Which SSD should I install Windows on as my primary, then which should be my 2nd drive for additional space for games?

Initially I was thinking of making the new drive for the boot, but then I stated to think it'd be nice to let Windows have it's very own drive, then install all my games and such on the new big drive. Thoughts?
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  1. Nah, just get the one big one.

    There are no real benefits to having 2 SSD with this-and-that installed on them.

    Even if you install programs to another drive, some of the applications data (i.e. *.dll) is still put on the OS drive anyway.

    And if you have to do a re-install of the OS, you'll still have to re-install your programs/games anyway.

    But, a great choice! The Intel 520 180GB is about 4 times faster than your 60GB version. But only if you have a SATA III port. THe SSD will still scale down to SATA II if not.
  2. It's not a choice of either or, I'll have both.

    I might as well use both in my computer, that's a free 80GB of SSD premium space.

    Should the faster 180GB drive be used as the primary for the installed OS, or the 80GB (then the 160 for all installed apps)
  3. What motherboard do you have? Z68 chipset, X79, Z77?

    Is the old one 60G or 80GB. Intel X25-M?
  4. Motherboard: Asrock P55 Extreme (i750)
    80GB X25-M (Gen 1)
  5. Ok, since your mobo only supports SATA II, stay with what you thought/got.

    Leave the 80GB as boot, and if you still want a 180GB, then you can install "programs/games" to it.

    The Intel 520 180GB will scale down to SATA II speeds (280 MBps reads/260 MBps writes).

    Personally, seems like a waste. But I understand if you need more space.
  6. It makes sense to have a seperate boot drive and apps/games drive.

    1. It will make the system faster.
    2. If you ever run out of space on the second drive it's extremely easy to just copy and past everything to an even large ssd. However, it's a giant pain trying to move the OS to a bigger drive.
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