1999 Game crash after selection menu.

I'll try to make this as simple as possible;

I have a copy of the game Hang Sim, and would like the play it on my Windows 7 PC. I am able to launch the game, get to the main menu, select aircraft, then start. After it completes loading, I recieve a black screen for about a second, and the game completely closes. I have tried setting the affinities, compatability mode, etc. I've searched countless hours online, and am using this as a last resort.

I appreciate any help I can recieve.
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  1. Go to this link and download the DX 9 update for Win 7. This is required as DX 9 requires updating in Win 7 for backwards compatibility in Win 7.

  2. I already have a higher version of Direct X, and the installation won't allow me to install because of that.
  3. That is unusual. As the website says it is for Win 7. Win 7 does not include all the DX 9 files on install and some older games get unhappy. Perhaps the re distributable package is the answer.

  4. Still no dice, not sure what's going on. Damn Windows 7, although it didn't work on Vista either.
  5. Ok the issue may be the games reliance on Direct 3D. Follow the various steps at this MS webpage and confirm that Direct 3D is running and all other identified issues are resolved.

  6. You may want to try disabling Windows Aero before launching the game. This webpage shows how to do that in Vista and Win 7

  7. Took me a while, but I've tried with the video card updating and such as explained above. I also attempted to launch the game without the use of Windows Aero, yet I still am having no luck. Maybe some games just will never be revived with Windows 7.. :sarcastic:
  8. Its quite likely that is the case. It was after all designed for 95 98 and ME. It may be that it runs into problems when dealing with RAM configurations that are beyond what the 9x OS's were capable of addressing. I cant be sure but anything is possible I guess.
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