Need quick advice choosing speakers

Ok so i had my eyes set on this set for a while:
the bass is apparently really nice (according to reviews) which is very important to me. however, today there is a deal for this:

The price is really close, the 2.1 set actually being more expensive thanks to shipping. Again this is urgent since i was planning on ordering the 2.1 set today, and dont want to lose the discounts. So 2.1 or 5.1? Also these deals are only for today ( i think) so haste would be appreciated :)

EDIT: And i have a sound card that can handle the speakers if thats a problem : Creative X-Fi xtreme gamer
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  1. IMHO: Don't get the 5.1 unless you can actually set it up (the speakers in your room) for surround sound. Alot of needless wires if you can't truly create a surround sound enviroment (have speakers behind you). You might need stands for the surround speakers (I have them in my living room, for a 7.1 system.)

    I like these: Logitech Z-2300 THX-Ceritfied 2.1 Sound system. I have it (in black), and it "rocks"! Someone choose it as the #1 2.1 computer sound system. But, it's more $$. They're also here.

    Else, other than Bose (=$$$$), Logitech has good products. I have 2 sets of there speakers (the other being just 2 speakers, no bass, on my 2nd computer).
  2. i have the X-540 and i'm really impressed with it! i would suggest to get this model for two reasons:
    1) 70W RMS compared to 40 on the other one
    2) there's a 'matrix' button on the 540 which makes your two channel sound (f.e. music) put through to all the five speakers!

    i have a really small room for my pc but i can set it up for surround.
    and the last thing: games+5.1= ultimate experience

    hope it helps and you're not out of time yet.
  3. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the help. I think i'll go for the 2.1 speakers since i dont really have room where my computer is for surround sound. However now i think i might pick up those 5.1 speakers for my HTPC when i get extra $
  4. The X-540 are top-notch for the price and are not hard to set up in tight quarters.
    Your sound card will really do them justice.
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