How to build a liquid cooled gaming rig

Hello, i have built several gaming pc's and have always used fans for cooling. i now live in an old house in western ny and dust is my biggest enemy. i want to build a liquid cooled unit and cannot find a good place to start. what motherboard what proc vid card etc.
i see dell systems for unreal amounts of money and want to know if its worth the money to build my own?
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  1. This guide was written a few years ago, but still has valuable information. Start here, but seek out any new technological advances over the years to ensure you know what you're doing.
  2. Hi, its wonderful that you want to build a water cooling system. There are many benefits like a Quieter computer, more overclocking headroom but there are also a lot of water cooling headaches you need to deal with.
    1. can buy a pre built kit for around 100$ or you can take the custom route and expect to spend at least 250$
    2. Parts...there are many different water cooling parts, you will need to do some research before buying.....tubing size...pump flow....radiator size...your mounting options.
    3. Maintenance....water cooling requires periodic cleaning...every 6-8 will need to flush your radiator....and clean your water blocks.
    4. Future will need to change your blocks when new hard ware comes. (not almost every hardware)
    There are many useful guides and videos available online for references. I have been using water cooling since Pentium 3 days and it takes a lot of patience/ time.
    gl with your endeavors.
  3. ^ Actually, you can't buy a prebuilt kit (NOT an H50,etc) that's good for under $200.

    @OP: start here:

    The CPU, GPU,etc really doesn't matter as 90% of the CPU water blocks are universal. However, there are only a few universal GPU blocks, for example MCW60. Most GPU waterblocks are full cover blocks and will only work with a reference model series (ie a card meant for a ATI 5870 won't work on a GTX2xx and vice versa).
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