I think my CPU is WAY too hot

I've had my rig since 2006 and just recently I found out that I may need to apply thermal paste, however I am not too savy when it comes to computer hardware so I hope some of you can help.

My current system specs:

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ @ 2200MHz
4 GB of Ram
Nvidia 9500GT

my current temps are as follows:

System 43C
Aux 47C
Temp: 55c
HD0 46C
Temp1 60C
Core :55C

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. Are those load temps or idle temps? If its idle everything seems to be a bit high so you should look into improving case airflow. Also check your temps in BIOS and using another program to see that they are consistent, you might have one program reading all of your temps a bit high.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, I just connected my cpu fan to the proper 3 prong connect for it was connected to the system fan prong...if that makes any sense. my cpu rpm is higher now but I think I may need to get a new heatsink but I have no idea how to replace nor install a new one.

    I just installed a asus coolspot fan and pointed it at the heatsink and ram to possibly cool it and it seems effective however when I attempt to play a game the temps rise up regardless but I hear thats normal

    to answer your question I have downloaded coretemp, speedfan, as well as pc wizard and I get the same readings more or less.

    as of now my temps are around 50+ degrees with about 54% load according to pc wizard and 100% load for coretemp
  3. you definitely need to improve your overall case airflow, what case do you currently have? An upgrade to an Antec 300 illusions or a Cooler Master HAF922 would probably drop your temps by 15C. Getting a heatsink wont help you too much if your case temp is as high as it seems to be, you need to get the ambient temp down before you can get the GPU and CPU temps down.
  4. I purchased the rig of cyberpower.com and I belive its a Aspire case...it was a while back so I don't remember the name. I will take a few photo's for you in a minute. I have wires all over the place so that may be the culprit. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!
  5. If its a prebuilt it likely didnt come with dust filters anywhere, and probably bad cable management options. You probably have a lot of dust built up in there. Get a can of compressed air and some zip ties and clean it up as best you can; blow the dust out of the heatsinks, clean out any dust bunnies in the case, try to reroute some of the wires or turn them into nice bundles that will let air through better. Also double check that all the case fans are still functional.
  6. Here's a pic of the tower:

    and the inside...

  7. your probably thinking of my antec coolspot fan. But I think this rig came with a water cooler.
  8. It looks like your CPU has a water cooler mounted on it. Try removing the coolspot fan, it might be screwing up airflow, pointing a fan at the water cooling block on the CPU isnt going to do anything to help.
  9. Well I bought that fan to cool it off in the first place...I tried to remove the cooling block to see if I could get to the dust underneath but to no avail....without the fan my temps skyrocket!

    could i move the fan to a better location?

    do I ever need to change the water in the cooling block?

    Im at a loss here...
  10. Hey hunter I took your advice about the airflow.

    I put my spot cool fan in a different location directing the airflow to the exaust and I have WAY cooler temps.

    I didn't have any zipties but I used electrical tape to tie some of those wires up, THANKS A LOT!
  11. Thats good news! What are your temps at idle and load down to now? You can use furmark and Prime95 to put your system under load.

    You said you had removed the cooling block, you may need to reapply the thermal grease on it to get the expected performance from it.
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