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Hello I am looking to Build a new system for a friend it doesnt need a Vid Card since i have and old 9800. I am very familar with Intel but the systems I keep coming up with are still 500 plus I was wondering if there is a good AMD alternative that some folks could suggest please.

If you can list parts i would appriate it alot as my AMD knowledge is horrid.

I need MB,RAM,CPU,Case,HD,PSU.
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    Athlon II x3 425 and Gigabyte 770TA-UD3 motherboard ($150)
    4GB DDR3-1333 RAM (around $100-110)
    Samsung F3 500GB or Seagate 7200.12 500GB ($55)
    Antec 300 + Antec Neo Eco 520 PSU ($110)
  2. The problem with $500 is that you need a MINIMUM expense for even a basic desktop. You can build an okay system for $500 but an extra $100 or $200 makes a HUGE difference in performance.

    I personally recommend spending a little bit more than $500 and then upgrade from the 9800 graphics card later on.

    My recommendation:
    1) 1156 Motherboard ($150)

    2) i5-750 CPU ($235)

    3) 4GB DDR3 ($130)

    4) WD Black 640GB ($75)

    5) 600W PSU ($70, read reviews. I prefer more expensive ones.)

    6) Antec 300 case ($60 on sale)

    7) *You OS should be Windows 7 64bit. I assume you have that or Vista 64bit.

    Total: $730

    So to get down towards $500 we'd have to get an $80 motherboard and a much less expensive CPU which in turn would not you you much upgradeability in the future.

    An extra $200 gives you a really great gaming computer (even with "only" the 9800) which in the future would be really awesome with something like an HD5870 1GB when prices drop.

    Of course I don't know exactly what you want, but most people I talk to regret going too cheap and then they upgrade anyway and don't save money in the long run.
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  4. just a minor question... what 9800 are you talking about?? Ati 9800... or Nvidia 9800GT?
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