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I have some limited funds and want to rid my self of this pentium d 820. Currently running a Asus P5Q Pro, 2x2g pc2-6400 gskills ram, 800 watt bfg tech psu, all in a coolmaster elite case. Currently running a gfroce 7600 but will be upgrading to a BFG tech GTS 250 OC (here). I want to know what cpus would be good i was looking at the e8400 or a q9300 and don't know what to choose. I do game watch a lot of movies and also use cad. OCing is a definite possibility just need to know what cpu to choose. And before you guys wander why i have a d 820 it was pulled over from my old system.
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    For a strickly gaming build I would go with the E8400 over the Q9300. For your uses, I would think a quad core will be more benefical for the CAD usage. Your overall best bet is to purchase a Q9550 over the your two CPU's. It provides the best of both worlds compared to the E8400 and Q9300... IMO

    Just remember to review your motherboard and BIOS to make sure they are at the current revision to support your new CPU.
  2. Definitely make sure it's compatible.

    That card is definately way under those CPU's though, I'd suggest a 5770
  3. ASUS P5Q Pro motherboard spec sheet.

    Note the CPU Compatibility Chart and required BIOS versions. I'd agree with Tecmo34 and go with the Q9550 if possible.

    -Wolf sends
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