How to ascertain what DDR is on my video card?


I ordered this video card:
Sparkle GeForce GT 240 1GB GDDR5 PCIe w/HDMI

I am a bit confused about the DDR inside.
The package stated it was DDR5 but when I ran a program (Sandra lite) to determine the kind of DDR is on this video card it revealed that it is DDR2.
Is the program wrong are or is possible that sparkle lied about the DDR?
Is there any way to acertain the DDR of my video card?
Thank you,

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  1. I would get GPU-z and see what that tells you- it should detect it correctly (it did when I had a GDDR5 gt240) If you still aren't sure, I'm sure you can pull the card and look at the GDDR Chips on the board and either they'll say it, or you'll be able to look up the part number to find out.
  2. CPU-z'll do the same as GPU-z though not as detailed as GPU-z under the graphics tab
  3. Are you sure the DDR2 reported by SANDRA was on your GPU? DDR2 is likely what your system RAM is.

    As for a way to check what your card has, try GPU-Z.
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