How high can i overclock my gtx 650

i have a pny gtx 650 1gb with stock cooler
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  1. O/C mine to 1218 core and 2660 memory with no problems. Use evga or MSI and increase core by 155 and memory by160
  2. for standard read some review .. ho much them get stable OC GTX 650 1GB, if you can get highe than them .. that is very good
  3. Reading that article - I must have a either a very good one or hey had a very bad one - get 55-60 fps in AC3 and Oblivion at 1920x1080 with all settings on high
  4. I think that no more than 2500 memory ...
  5. Just checked with MSI A/B - Core up 178 = 1228 and Memory up 162 = 2662 in AC3 game
  6. I use ASUS GPU Tweak and My card is Stable at 1507MHz and I keep my memory at 1501MHz
  7. Question: If I overclock my gtx650, will it affect other PC hardware, such as CPU, RAM, motherboard etc in any way?
  8. LOL get some ballz . . . . mine is at +250 core clock and + 500 ram clock and fine........ yeah cpu overclocked too from 3.4 to 4.0 on stock fan. All this been running for years. I have never hurt a video card by overclocking, you will see the artifacts and lockups far before you will hurt anything. Just learn have to try things to learn to understand them.............
  9. It works perfectly fine on +200 gpu clock and +500 mem clock on 1100mV voltage. I've been trying to achieve 250 core, but even on max voltage (1137mV) I get these freezing moments at the worst time in the game (War Thunder).
  10. My max oc atm is 228+ on the Core clock, and 295+ on the Memory clock. If i go a single Mhz over i just crash straight away. Can't believe some of you guys got 500+ Memory clock, that's amazing!
    I got my Core Voltage at max 50+ (Using MSI Afterburner) How did you guys manage the 500+ ?
  11. I'm OC'ing my MSI Geforce GTX650 atm. im at +190mHz core and +62mV core voltage. I'm currently increasing my mem. and I'm at +220mHz atm.

    Will post the final OC when I'm done.

    Btw. Any1 in this thread still using this GPU today?
  12. Im using it rignt now . but this week im going to upgrade to 1060
  13. Gigabyte 650
    59c @ 80% Fan speed
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