Should I Add 4gb DDR3 1333 to My 4gb 1600?

I just ordered 2x2gb sticks of G.Skill DDR3 1600 ram, however, shortly after, my sister decided that she wanted to upgrade her ram to 8gb (she only has 2 slots). Basically this gives me a chance to grab some free ram.

I'm fairly certain my computer can handle any power requirements, but which option would make my computer faster for gaming?

4x2gb mismatched ram?
Or sticking with the 2x2gb G.Skill?
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  1. 4Gb is 100% enough for gaming , its more than enough ! you realy dont need 8GB , its waste of Money , after that its useless & consume more from ur PC .

    So i suggest u to go for 2x2GB G.Skill !

    Good Luck !
  2. But away , i suggest u to order 1333Mhz , 1600 is more expensive , has no difference with 1333 , has more CL ( BAD ) , Get matched hardly with hardwares , most CPUs & Mobos are Confrotable with 1333 ! its best , not more & not less !

    Most people use 1333Mhz !
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