Which CPU is better?

I can't decide between these two CPUs:
Intel Core i7-860
Intel Core i7-920

Most people say that 860 is better. But it is on LGA-1156 socket. I am planning a high-end computer for gaming, photoshop, 3ds max and other complicated stuff. Is it OK to buy the 860-one for such a computer?
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    They are pretty much equal and you'll be fine with either or. It depends on your budget, on which one to go with.... IMO. If you can handle the extra cost of the Intel Core i7 930 build (yes... the replacement for the i7 920), you'll be better off with the LGA 1366 build for the higher end complicated stuff.
  2. the difference is basically just the socket... and the 1366 is a kind of more future proof so go with the i7 920, or the i7 930
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