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hey i would lik help to find a motherboard one that can work direct x 11, and uses an amd processor {amd chip set }, has a dvi port and more than two sata connections, and costs are under 200 U.S. if you can give me a range of choices i will be pleased. finally, i dont no if this is possible but if the board works ddr2 ram it would be appreciated although i think it is impossible to find one lik that {reason-where i live ddr3 ram is very very expensive so if it goes bad i in trouble }. ram size can be 4 gigs or more. the board must be able to run a gtx 470 video card or a card which can run games on high gettin good fps.
i found this one [ASUS M4A785-M] can any one tell me if a gtx 470 card can work in it?
thanks for the help. P.S. i dont know alot about these stuff, just enough to get around.
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  1. The ASUS M4A785-M is actually a very good choice at under $100. It will handle the GTX 470 without issues or any current graphics card. Here are three additional boards that compare with the ASUS M4A785-M, you listed.

    Newegg AM3/AM2+ Comparison

    Side note: No AM3/AM2+ board will support DX11 with on-board graphics. You will need to run Windows 7, plus a DX11 capable graphics card for that support.
  2. hey thanks alot.
  3. hey aside from that can you help me with my video card, i've been discouraged from buying a gtx model due to its price. i now chose the XFX Radeon HD 5770...and my motherboard of choice is the ASUS M4A785-M. i read ina review that some weren't compatible. can you please tell me if it will work in the mother board? thanks.
  4. Yes, the XFX 5770 and ASUS M4A785-M will work together just fine. I would recommend going with the XFX 6850 instead, if budget permits. :)
  5. waw nice card dread, but i wont buy that card because it will have heating issues, i dont have ac. thanks
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