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Hello Experts,

Can anyone help me out for the below query, I have the following configuration,

AMD FX8120, ASUS M5A88 Board, 8GB RAM, ASUS 6670 DDR5 And Gigabyte 450 Watt power supply,

My question is, If want to overclock my Graphics, What max i can overclock default is 810 MHz, And also for Processor default is 3.1 for FX8120,

I don't wanna go max as i need to keep both Processor and graphics safe, Please advise,

Regards, Siva
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    First off, I'm not sure how far you can overclock without maxing out your power supply. You are already on shaky ground. I would have gone with at least a 500 watt power supply in your case...

    Getting your cpu to 3.6 - 3.8 should be possible without putting up a big fight.

    Overclocking your graphics is a different story. Some cards oc a giant amount and some cards won't like going 5mhz over stock speed. You need to oc your graphics incrementally and test it along the way for stability... thats the only real way you can know the max your graphics card will go to.

    PS: the best way to keep your cpu and graphics safe is by good cooling and smart moves. Don't go crazy on your voltages and you will be fine as long as your cooling is good.
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